Start Concerts


May 31st, Thursday, 7pm, Latvian Embassy, London W1U 5LY

With Florian Mitrea (piano). Part of a Classical music concert series, "Music for our Souls", including works by Grieg and Schubert. Admission £10 (includes drink). Children free.


June 26th, Tuesday, 1.05pm, AJSW event at Wesley's Chapel, London EC1Y 1AU

With Niklas Oldemeier (piano). Playing Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Admission free.

July 6th, Friday, 6pm, St Peters Church, Riga, Latvia

With Florian Mitrea (piano). Playing works by Elgar, Vaughan Williams and others.

Donations welcome.


January 5th, Friday, 1.10pm, St Mary's-at-Hill, Monument Station, London EC3M 3BY

With Niklas Oldemeier (piano), playing works by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Admission free.

February 20th, Tuesday, 1.00pm, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ

Embassy series concert by Latvian Ensemble, Tangissimo, playing tangos by A. Piazzolla and D. Matthews. Admission Free.

March 29th, Thursday, 1.15pm, St Pancras Church, Euston, London NW1 2BA

With Niklas Oldemeier (piano). Admission free.

May 5th, Thursday, 7pm, Latvian Embassy, London W1U 5LY

With Florian Mitrea (piano). Admission £10 (includes drink). Children free.


September, Tuesday, 19th, 7pm Moscow Bersenevskaja, Embankment 6, Bldg 3

With Tangissimo. Admission Free.


October 18th, Wednesday, 5.30pm, European Cultural Centre, Venice
Playing works by Bach and Paganini. Admission Free.


October 19th, Thursday, 7.10pm, Landini Music School, Florence

With Alessandro Manetti (piano), playing workds by Vitali, Brahms and Kreisler. Donations welcome.


November 19th, Sunday, 2.30, Fellowship House, London NW11 6YD

With Florian Mitrea (piano), playing works by Vitali, Mozart and Saint-Seans. Donations welcome.