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What do violin students/parents say about Anete?

Adult Students:

"It is a real pleasure learning the violin with Anete. In every lesson, she is encouraging and cheerful as she challenges her students to reach their highest potential. She devotes individual care and attention. In return, she has high expectations in terms of practice and commitment. In addition to work towards grades, Anete is always ready to support her students in learning pieces of their own choice. Her top priority is for young people and adults to really enjoy their music. This enjoyment is evident in the two children's concerts and two adults' concerts that Anete organises each year. Also, students can see that Anete very much enjoys her music in her own many performances." Helena Mullins, Finchley, April 2011

"What I love about Anete is her enthusiasm about music. It's always so inspiring to see her for the lesson. After each lesson I feel like there is nothing more important in life than music." Ulrike Juergensen, Hamburg, April 2017

Young Students:

Letter from Anastasia, 2017

More words of praise:

"Anete is a very kind and friendly and FUNNY teacher! It's fun to play with her and hear her playing. She always has fantastic ideas to play something and organizing little orchestras. It's realy fun to play." Anne Han, Petersham, March 2011

"Anete has been teaching me for around eight years now. She has always been kind, friendly and fair. I have always been very happy with her teaching and I am grateful to my parents for having picked such a talented and motivated teacher to learn to play the violin from. For all her support I can only be thankful." Lara Clauss, Petersham, March 2011

"Anete is  very kind, friendly and a very good teacher. She is also very, very funny.  I am very happy with Anete. With her I have learned how to play the violin. I think she is the most popular violin teacher and the best teacher in the German school. Carlos Jose, Petersham, March 2011


"My nine-year old daughter has been playing the violin with Anete for almost 5 years now, and my seven-year old also started last year. Both have gone from progress to progress, and my eldest is now preparing for her grade 5 exams. She has played in numerous pupils' concerts which Anete organises regularly, and which allow the children to play their pieces to an audience of parents, friends and family. It is difficult to say whether it is the children or Anete who feel most proud of their achievements. The children mean a lot to Anete! At the request of parents, she has also started a violin ensemble for her pupils - it tells something about Anete that the ensemble went from 4 pupils at the first meeting to nine by the fourth meeting!

A highlight was certainly our trip to Latvia in 2010, which Anete organised and which gave the children the opportunity to play a solo part with a string ensemble. Anete can be strict sometimes (and I guess some discipline is needed to progress with an instrument), but at the same time, she always rewards the children with lots of stickers and some sweets at the end of the lesson.

Not every teacher suits every child - we have found in Anete a wonderful, enthusiastic and absolutely committed teacher who is perfect for our children!

Occasionally, when life in London becomes too hectic, and we start thinking about moving to another place, my thoughts are stopped dead in their tracks when I think about the girls' violin lessons - I cannot think of a better music teacher!" Julia Solovieva, Kingston, April 2011